blastechnik pte ltd

From the smallest aircraft component, precision stripped with gentle plastic beads, through to bulk tanker ships the size of 3 football fields blasted prior to protective painting. All these, and everything in between, have been blasted in a Blastechnik Blastroom.

Blastechnik Pte Ltd is a Singapore company specializing in the design and manufacture of blast rooms for specific applications. We design, manufacture and install innovative, economical and high quality equipment and provide ongoing customer support through technical assistance, spare parts and abrasives supply.

Our experience in developing Dura-Doors led us to become involved in all other Giant Door types.

shipyard doors

Shipyarddoor® have been manufacturing high speed door solution for clients since 1998. The first hangar door was installed in Turkey in 2001. The reliable and high quality solutions are being used and accepted world wide. We regularly improve our system to supply user friendly, cost effective and green products.

We only use environmentally friendly low energy consumption motor systems and all materials can be recycled more than 90%.